Friday 17 April 2009

Surprise Easter Egg

OK so I was taken by surprise as Heather bought me a fabulous Easter Egg which included a dozen liquor filled chocolates but it did have its down side?

Outside box of cardboard which can be recycled great. Inner lining of plastic holding the egg and chocolates in place not good. Further cellophane insert tray to separate chocolates from egg not good. Another black cellophane tray holding the chocolates not good. Finally the chocolates were wrapped in foil which made them look attractive but again is heading for the landfill so not good.

Now I am not being ungrateful ( I didn't buy Heather one either) but as I keep saying packaging is a major issue for most families trying to reduce waste and when you looked at practically all the eggs on display this year the amount of packaging involved is enormous.

Please manufacturers I know its a tough time right now but I do think you could do a lot worse than to package your products in an envionmentally friendly way as well as being attractive to the customer?