Monday 6 April 2009

Greener Driving saves £'s

Many of my colleagues are aware that I changed my main car in September last year from my mid life crisis sports coupe to a more sensible and fuel efficient diesel engined SUV. Now before everyone gets on at me for buying a large vehicle I do have two grown ups as well as Heather and myself to think about when purchasing a vehicle. Even the sports coupe was bought with that in mind as it could easily handle four adults and a weeks shopping (or my golf clubs).

Anyway back to the diesel. Cheaper road fund licence saving me £80 per year. More expensive fuel but double the fuel consumption figures from the coupe which averaged 19MPG to the much more respectable 40MPG that I am currently doing in the diesel. Average saving per month an incredible £100+. Added to that are the lower CO2 emisions and with much cleaner technology in a modern diesel (lower servicing costs) all adds up to a more environmentally friendly drive which, coupled with a much softer driving style, and cruise control for all types of driving (stick it at 30MPH and you cannot break the speeed limits) means I am much happier with my current contribution to the environmental impact that I make.

Now I know this is not the end as I am still awaiting a good looking vehicle with fuel cell technology that will really revolutionise the environmental impact that we all make to the planet and I am just hoping that Honda have that particular type of vehicle available for when I next change my car.