Friday 31 October 2008

Week two and going well

Week two and a change of bins to go out with it being green waste and residual waste this week.

Quite surprised at the amount of waste in the residual bin as we have four adults in the house plus the kids boyfriend and girlfriend and there was still less than 3/4 of the bin filled even after two weeks.

Now looking at ways to reduce the actual amount of plastics we bring into the house in the way of soft drinks etc. but its not as easy here as it is in the States where you can take your old bottles back and get them refilled at the supermarket. Cans are OK but it does make it a lot more expensive especially with a couple of soft drink sponges like I have in the house.

Also looking at packaging in general and we have now stopped using plastic bags from the supermarket completely with fair trade hessian bags now called into use for the weekly shop. The only concession to this is if we shop online and have it delivered but even then we send the bags back to the supermarket.

Friday 24 October 2008

Adam Barry Watene

Last night my family and I had the opportunity to say our public farewells to a very close and dear friend Adam 'Uncle Baza' Watene. A giant of a man with a heart of gold who was taken from us at the early age of 31.

We came to know Adam when he first came over to the UK to play for the Castleford Tigers and did so having to leave behind in Australia his much loved Moana and the two children, Arana and Ena. You could see from the first time you saw him play he had a determination about him to succeed at all costs when he was on the field but off it he was a gentle giant of a man who always had time for anyone who wanted a chat or an autograph but would always shy away from the media spotlight.

Five months after arriving in the UK he was finally re-united with his beloved family and Adam became much happier with home life and that all too familiar wide toothy smile of his was everywhere and infectious. His family became part of my family and we enjoyed many happy hours together with BBQs, dining out and watching rugby always high on the priority list but also inlcuded a large family holiday in Tenerife when his dad Barry(Pops) joined us from New Zealand.

I cannot begin to explain the size of the loss my family feel now that Adam has been taken from us especially as Moana, Arana and Ena have returned to New Zealand for the funeral and we have no idea when we will see Mo's bright shinny face, watch Arana play rugby or listen to the little angel that is Ena laugh and giggle again. We do hope it's soon but they will always have a place in the hearts and minds of Heather, Andy, Jenna and myself here in England.


First Day

Well today was our first day on the new alternate collection round and we nearly missed it.

The alarm went off as normal to get ready for work when we heard the refuse trucks coming down the avenue and realised we had not put out the paper bin or the plastics/glass box. I have to say it is a little noisier when the box is being emptied in relation to a normal bin collection but I can put up with that knowing we are increasing recycling in Wakefield.

I do hope everyone else on phase 4 had less of an issue with having their bins and boxes out for collection on time and that all households in Wakefield can now say they are now doing their bit for the environment.

Wednesday 8 October 2008

New Alternate Weekly Collection

Me and the family now eagerly await the start up of the new collection service in the Altofts area and although we have been recycling paper and green waste for some time this will give us the opportunity to start and recycle cans, glass and plastics from the doorstep.

One major change I am going to implement in the house is the removal of all waste bins in the house so that we all get used to the idea of seperating out the recyclable material straight away and do not have to go 'fishing' about in the waste bins prior to it going in the main household wheelie bins.

Friday 3 October 2008

First time for everything

Well...this is my first ever online diary so bare with me while I stumble along.

Some of you who already know me will already have a good idea of how I think so this diary will come as no surprise. I'm an avid supporter of everyone taking responsibility for their environment and think all citizens should take pride in their communities.

I'm currently championing a campaign in the district to show people what the effect of littering and fly-tipping has - namely - the £4m spent every year on clearing up other people's mess could be spent on providing beautiful public spaces and things to do.

So join in and say no to litter - take pride in your community and stop throwing your money away!