Monday 30 March 2009

So What next?

I have tried to keep everyone up to date with my Cleaner Greener blog on a monthly basis and I am starting to increase my posts as we try to turn our hand at reducing the Hudson family carbon footprint.

Since starting my Cleaner Greener blog last October I have taken you through the pitfalls of nearly missing the collection of the bins to telling you about my family’s difficulty dealing with excess supermarket packaging.

In the coming weeks I am planning on reducing this family’s carbon footprint. Everyone can get involved with us by doing the simple things like turning TVs and computers off standby and with the warmer weather arriving, turning the central heating down just one or two degrees. “I have many exciting ideas floating about for my upcoming posts so keep checking in to see what I have in store.

Easter is going to be interesting - from attempting to buy an Easter egg with as little packaging as possible to trying to reduce our carbon footprint by driving my car in a much more fuel efficient way. I am really eager to tell you all about the little changes, such as remembering to turn the lights off in the office or at home that can make a huge difference and collectively as citizens we can all tackle climate change and mounting energy costs.