Tuesday 3 February 2009

February Already

One month in to the new year and the alternative bin collections are back to normal so recycling in earnest now to try and recover some of the lost ground due to the xmas period.

Glass, cans, plastics are the main contributer to our recycling at the moment with 2 boxes of those going out on a regular basis now. Even the kids(22 &20) are getting into the spirit of what it is we are trying to achieve by reducing their intake of take away food and actually cooking. Miracles do happen in the Hudson household.

February does see the start of the green waste collections again but given the cold and snow we have just had I don't suppose much gardening is taking place at the moment. A number of questions being asked is around cut flowers from the florists and if they can go in the green recycling bin or do they have to go in the residual bin for collection. An answer to that problem I will have for my next blog.