Monday 29 December 2008

Mid Xmas Break

29th December and the first of the runs to the Household Waste recycling centre at Wellbeck done. Just amazing how much wrapping paper we as a family have gone through this year and not a sign of any recycled wrapping paper anywhere? Why is that? Is there anyone out there actually doing recycled wrapping paper?

We didnt send anywhere near the amount of cards this year and those that we did were on recycled card and those that we have received we will take to one of the many recycling centres throughout Wakefield.

Still washing out all the food cans and containers but still unsure with some of the plastics that can or cannot be recycled but we are getting better at it. Still New Years Eve to come so no doubt another visit to Wellbeck for us later in the week with the bottles and cans given the box is already pretty full and I do not want to use plastic bags for the excess.

Reduction of household plastics is still ongoing but it does not get any easier and this xmas seems to have generated more not less so there is a real need to get manufacturers to change their packaging systems if any progress is to be made.